Youth Martial Arts

Discover If Martial Arts Might Be The Key That Unlocks Your Child's Full Potential... 

Wouldn't it be great if your child were more focused at school and while they worked on homework at home?

Imagine if your child picked up their room the very first time you asked them without whining or complaining...

Build a child who is full of confidence, unwilling to be bullied, and strong enough to be a leader at home, school, and our community.

At Championship Martial Arts we've been helping families and kids discover new found confidence through Martial Arts programs.

For 23 years our instructors have been teaching kids how to be respectful, disciplined and kind through our kids Martial Arts programs.​

Kids Will Quickly Learn:

  • Safe and effective self-defense skills and drills.
  • Immediate improvement in their listening skills and how to focus better at home and school.
  • A sport that gets them up and moving instead of sitting on the couch playing with their electronics.
  • Personal discipline and respect for others.
  • How to deal with bullies at school and not become a bully.

Not only are they learning valuable self defense skills during our Martial Arts classes, they are also learning lifelong leadership skills they'll have for the rest of their life.

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- Erica K. -

We have had an amazing experience for our entire family at Championship Martial Arts.  The athletes are learning new skills while also learning life lessons.  Instructors are amazing!  Utilize their 'free trial class' -- you won't be disappointed.  Our kids say: "thank you for getting to go to martial arts school."

- Rebecca S. -

Our life, since we have joined this family, has not only improved, but has brought us to a place I never thought was possible.  Being a single mom to Jackson, and not having a male influence for him had been hard and it was slowly starting to show.  His self confidence was at an all time low, he was having a lot of problems at school and home.  My parents and I were at a loss as to how to help him realize how amazing he is.  Grandma found Championship Martial Arts and we can not say enough extraordinary words to describe what all the instructors have meant to us.  This is not just a class I show up to and leave, your whole life changes and you feel what real confidence is and how to live right in society! Jackson is an amazing boy who is learning tools to "develop himself for success."  His self esteem has grown and because the instructors are so amazing at treating everyone as individuals Jackson is handling is fear of abandonment, and now has the concentration to excel in school and at anything he does in life!  Thank you is just not enough...Thank you Martial Arts family, you are all in our hearts and spirt everyday.

- Carrie D. -

Great people, great program.  Our son has been part of Championship MA for 2+ years and loves going.  The flexible schedule has been key, we can always fit class time in around other sport schedules.  The staff is exceptional and the instructors are second to none!!  There is so much more than karate being taught...and it shows :).  We are so happy to be part of the CMA family.  Thank you for being such a positive influence in his/our lives.  Looking forward to the next 2+ years.