Adult Martial Arts

Are you looking to become more focused?

Hey, it's easy to be distracted today with all of your work responsibilities, kids and the non stop social media and television!

Would it benefit you to have more confidence in EVERY situation that you encounter daily?

Imagine having a meeting with your boss and feeling totally confident instead of insecure.

You Can!

And you can be more confident in all areas of your life.

Imagine having the strength and stamina to keep up with your kids or having more energy to get all of your household duties done.

Imagine having the strength to make shoveling snow or carrying groceries up and down steps something you look forward to instead of dreading!

It's Possible!

What if you could lose some of your excess weight while doing a fitness program that is FUN and ENJOYABLE instead of boring and lame.

Our classes are different every day and led by great instructors!

Plus, you’ll learn valuable self-defense tools to help you in case of an emergency. Never again will you be afraid to be home alone, walk to your car alone in the dark or be caught in an unfortunate or violent situation.

You’ll be equipped to defend yourself!

We’d love for you to give us a try and we’re willing to give you 3 FREE Lessons to Discover if Martial Arts Might Be A Fit For You & Help You To Become A Better Parent, Boss, Husband or Wife.

It's Totally Risk Free! Request Your 3 FREE Lessons Today!

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-  Darlene A.  -

I've been training for about 9 months and I'm loving it! I love the work out and the instructors make you feel welcomed, my two grandchildren train here and the focus and discipline they're gaining is priceless.

Yes, I'm a grandma and if I can do it, anyone can.​ Young or old go to Championship Martial Arts! Proud member...

-  Jesus G.  -

First of all I want to say thank you to all of my teachers for supporting me. At first I was scared to start because my English sin't perfect, but everyone is so welcoming and that really means a lot. I love the positive energy every time I come into class. I learn something new every class and can't wait to see what the future holds. I highly recommend everyone to join this school and when you think you can't...they show you that you can. Gracias sir! 🙂

-  Wendy O.  -

I like how caring the instructors and staff are. The lessons that are taught are not just good self defense moves, but important life skills. I enjoy training and being able to relate with my son's training as well.