Discover how people of all ages are having fun, losing weight and gaining discipline, self-respect and valuable life skills at Championship Martial Arts in Darboy.

Championship Martial Arts Darboy has a Program For You!

At Championship Martial Arts we pride ourselves on having a program to fit everyone's needs. From looking to get fit to teaching your children about leadership and strength, we've got it all!

In addition to our wonderful programs we also offer special events for our students to participate in. On a monthly basis we have parents night out events where children can be dropped off for the evening and parents can get a great night out.

Championship Martial Arts also helps to provide great fundraising at our school and we contribute our time, energy, effort to help raise funds for local charities too. We believe in being a great community partner.

Angela K.

I would love to take a moment to say that coming to Championship has been a great experience. Form the owner down to the office manager this is a group of the most positive supportive people I have ever met. They truly get to know each and every family that comes under their wings. The instructors Mr. Brien and Mr. Franz are amazing patient and kind. I can't say how thankful I feel to be a part of their leadership. Though my son has just begun I look forward to a long relationship with them.

Notice the Difference

When selecting a martial arts school for you or your child there are a few things that you’ll want to consider. Each martial arts school is a little different from the programming they teach, the instructors who will be interacting with you or your child, the equipment and cleanliness, the lighting and the location can be important factors.

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